Mission, Vision & Beliefs


Annandale High School’s Department of Student Services encourages all students to achieve their highest potential. We cultivate and foster appropriate student self-advocacy skills and integrity; promote partnerships between students, parents, and staff; and empower students to be responsible global citizens. We provide all students with a welcoming, comprehensive program that facilitates academic and personal success and college and career readiness.

We will be bold and inspiring because at our core we are all ATOMS.


Annandale High School students will be responsible decision makers, global citizens, effective communicators, and lifelong learners. Students’ academic, career and personal/social development will be supported through a comprehensive school counseling program.


The school counselors believe:

  • Every student is unique and has different abilities, needs, and learning styles
  • All students should take personal responsibility in the educational process
  • All students can learn and have potential to succeed
  • All students should have equal access and opportunity to counseling services
  • All students should pursue lifelong learning

The Comprehensive school student services program should:

  • Promote partnerships between students, parents, and staff, recognizing individual roles and shared responsibilities in the educational process
  • Promote personal/social well-being of students while encouraging progress toward academic success and career readiness
  • Continually evaluate the changing needs of our diverse population

The School Counselors will:

  • Create a respectful, safe and supportive environment
  • Function as a professional and collaborative team
  • Establish goals that address students’ needs
  • Encourage effective communication and meaningful, positive relationships
  • Advocate for the best interest of each student
  • Continue professional development
  • Strive to follow the ASCA National Model and maintain high ethical standards