School History

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Opening Date: September 1, 1954

Annandale Neighborhood

The Annandale community derives its name from a Scottish town and an English lord of the same name.  For many years it was a toll station on Little River Turnpike.  Until the late 1940's, it was the terminus of Columbia Pike and Gallows Road and the beginning of rural Fairfax County.  

Today, Annandale, though not a city, town, or village of any description, is a thriving community of several shopping centers, many churches, the central campus of Northern Virginia Community College, and approximately 40,000 people. Annandale is not only known for its friendly and progressive people, but also for the high school that bears its name.

What's in a Name?

Learn about the origin of our school's name in this video produced for Fairfax County Public Schools’ cable television channel Red Apple 21.

Annandale Alma Mater

For truth and beauty in our life, to Annandale we praise.

The overcoming of our strife, to this our hearts we raise.

Your teachings of honor, of wisdom and love,

Will guide us, dear Annandale, e’er as the sun above.

Amid the meadows and the trees our school will proudly stand, 

And ever watch her children marching out into the land.

So as we grow older, and think upon our ways,

Our high school, dear Annandale, will call to mind its days.

As sung by the Annandale HS Marching Atoms, October 2015

Annandale Fight Song

Fight on for Annandale

Wave the red and white,

Grab that ball and watch ‘em go

For Annandale tonight.

Go, Atoms, and knock ‘em cold,

Fight and never die;

Victory will be our goal!