Library Staff, Services, Policies, and Procedures

Library Hours

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:45 am - 3:15 pm

Late Bus Days (most Wednesdays), 7:45 - 4:00 pm

Fridays, 7:45 - 3:00 pm

Library Policies and Procedures 

  • Passes

    • Students always need a pass to be in the library when any classes are in session (R1, R3, R5, R7, W2, Pride Time, W6, W8)

    • Students may enter the library without a pass before, after, and in-between classes.

    • No students are admitted to the library during W4 - even with a pass. This is a school rule.

    • Librarians will not write students passes if they are late to class from the library.

  • Checkouts

    • Students may check out regular library materials for three weeks.

    • Special library materials, such as laptops, mifis, headphones, craft supply bags and other materials have varying lengths of checkout times. Speak to a librarian for more information.

  • Rules

    • No food or drinks in the library. 

    • No video gaming in the library or library lab.

    • Students may use the library before and after the regularly scheduled class day without a pass.

    • During the regularly scheduled class day, students always need a pass to come to the library.

    • Substitute teachers may not send a student to the library.

    • Students may not enter the library during W4.

    • Cell Phone Policy: phones are permitted as long as it doesn't affect anyone else in the library
      • No phone calls. Ever.
      • No ringtones or buzzes
      • Headphones/earbuds may be used at a low volume for music or video content so that no one else can hear any audio from your devices
      • You will be asked to go back to class or to an administrator if you do not comply with this cell phone policy
  • Pride Time

    • For Pride Time library access, students need to be signed up by their W4 teachers

    • Students must also have a library pass.

    • No exceptions.

    • Once students have signed in for Pride Time in the library, they may not return to class.

    Library Services

    • Borrowing Library resources

      • Students may check out most materials for 3 weeks, and in most cases, are permitted to renew.

      • Lost or stolen items incur an "obligation" in the form of a bill which students will be required to pay.

      • Teachers may check out materials for the year, unless another teacher requests the same item, in which case the checkout period is shortened to three weeks.

    • Printing

      • Black and white printing is free for students. To access this service, students must log onto the library computers and print from them (there is no color printing available).

      • Students are not permitted to print class sets of their work. If teachers require class sets, they must use the teacher copiers for that function.

    • Classes in the library

      • Teachers are encouraged to arrange in advance any classes they would like to hold in the library.

      • Librarians are always ready to assist in lesson planning and delivery in the library, so please feel free to stop by anytime to discuss how we can help you.

    • Procedures for teachers who would like to send students to the library

      • If you would like to send a student to the library, they must have a library pass. The main office gives every teacher a limited number of passes every month, which you will find in your mailbox in the main office.

      • Substitutes may not send students the library. This is a school rule.

      • We generally recommend that teachers do not send more than three students at a time to the library. If you find that you have more than three that would like to come, either come with your whole class or call in advance and let us know.

    • Pride Time has special rules for students in the library:

      • W4 teachers must use the online sign-up tool during W4 to add their students to the library Pride Time attendance list

      • In addition to adding students to the Pride Time list, W4 teachers must also give those students library passes. They will not be admitted to the library without one. No exceptions.

      • Once students have signed in to the library for Pride Time, they are required to spend the duration of Pride Time in the library. They will not be permitted to return to class.

      • Students must also have a library pass.

      • No exceptions.

      • Once students have signed in for Pride Time in the library, they may not return to class.