The Orchestras of Annandale have been serving the communities of Annandale for more than 50 years.  There are over 120 students in orchestra at AHS alone and the program is rapidly growing!

These orchestras offer an experience unlike any other in all of Northern Virginia.  Not only are students actively engaged in music making, leadership development, and critical thinking, they are making an impact on the Annandale community.

The students within the Orchestras of Annandale High School learn, study, and perform music for other students, families, and the community of Annandale.  

Orchestra classes are offered for all levels of musicians from beginners to intermediate players to advanced musicians.  Students learn, teach, and experience music in all facets from music history to music theory and music performance.  

Orchestra students receive a well-rounded and rigorous music education at Annandale High School and take great pride in the program.

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