Service Learning

Service Learning Requirements for Graduates

Government Service Hours: 15 hours

Must log service hours and complete the assignment for class. This counts as a grade and you must adhere by the guidelines set forth by your Government teacher. If you have questions, you should ask your current Government teacher.

Service Learning Hours Cord: 40 hours 

This is separate from government.  Students can use the hours that they used for government, but they will need a total of 40 hours from the past 4 years in order to earn a service cord at graduation. Note to Underclassmen: Hours/Reflections will be recorded by the student on x2VOL website. 

  • Note to current Seniors: You will not get the actual cord until graduation rehearsal.

Civics Seal Application: 50 hours

This is an application approved by the state of VA, and requires 50 hours of service, as well as a B average in History/Government. It will allow students to be eligible to receive a civics seal on their diploma. 

  • Please talk to your Social Studies teacher for more information.