Student Services Staff

Director of Student Services

Jennifer CrumpStrawderman

a picture of jennifer crumpstrawderman

@email 703-642-4126


School Counselors

Student's Last Name Contact
A-Bem Olivia Hess@email 703-642-4221
Ben-Dg Stacey 703-642-4125
Dh-Har Cheryl Kim@email 703-642-4130
Has-Led Stacie Shaffer@email 703-642-4129
Lee-Ngo Lisa Foliaco@email 703-642-4133
Ngu-Rh Marcelo Valencia@email 703-642-4127
Ri-Tem Mark Vitelli@email 703-642-4132
Ten-Z Kristin Reagan@email  703-642-4131
English Language Learners (ELL) Levels 1 & 2 Evelyn 703-642-4128


Other Staff

School Registrar Carlos Villatoro@email 703-642-4122
Transcript Assistant Nicole Lopez@email 703-642-4123
Student Information Assistant Joselyn Picado@email 703-642-4119
College and Career Center Specialist Princess Brown @email  703-642-4263



Social Worker Alissa Green@email 703-642-4206
School Psychologist Laurie Ottenhenning 703-642-4207
School Psychologist Andrea 703-642-4349
Social Worker Christina Ferrari@email 703-642-4955



IB / DP Coordinator Linda Bradshaw@email 703-642-4236



Assessment Coach Laura Walter@email 703-642-4232
Testing Assistant Debbie 703-642-4113


NOVA Programs

Pathways to Baccalaureate Jayna Cobbs@email 703-642-4138
Pathways Connection Viri Acosta@email 703-642-4138