AHS Virtual Choral Performance

Lift Every Voice

By Annandale High School Choral Department
December 09, 2020

Watch this beautiful video on YouTube of our Annandale High School students' virtual choral concert led by our choral teacher Pat Vaughn. It features performances of the work of today's leading African-American composers. Included are personal statements from the composers and from our students who offer their understandings of the meaning of the music and the words that are then performed.

This is a must see video. It will make your heart sing.

Here is a list of the names of each song, the song's composer and their start times in the video:

  • 4:31 - I Dream a World - André Thomas 
  • 11:04 - More Love - Mark Miller
  • 16:58 - Hope is the Breath of Music - Victor Johnson
  • 22:51 - Glory - Eugene Rogers
  • 31:53 - No Color - Stacey Gibbs and Shawn Kirchner
  • 38:31 - Tshotsholoza (Go Forward) - Jeffery Ames