IBMYP - Service

Service learning and community service are an integral part of the MYP experience. All MYP certificate candidates are required to complete either 25 hours or 3 significant reflections of service per year in 9th and 10th grades so that by the end of 10th-grade, students should have completed either:

  • 50 hours of service,
  • 6 significant reflections, OR
  • 25 hours of service and 3 significant reflections

Students should log their hours and submit their reflections using the online service tracking system x2VOL, accessible through Family Connection in FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard). This program is new to Annandale this year but is also used at other FCPS middle and high schools. The program allows students to log and verify their service hours online as well as look for service opportunities in their community. All students will be trained in how to use this program. For more information and resources related to community service and the x2VOL program, students may enroll in the AHS Service Opportunities course in Blackboard.

Please contact the MYP Coordinator, Laura Wells, at @email with questions about any of these recognitions.