IB Exam Update


IB Exam Update - On February 4, 2021 the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) announced changes to the May 2021 exams. This year's IB exams will have two options: 1) traditional examination route or; 2) non-examination route. Both routes allow students the opportunity to earn IB Certificates and Diploma, as well as potential college credit. School systems may offer only one option to all of their IB students.

Due to current local/national health and safety restrictions, FCPS will proceed with the second option, non-examination route. This means that students will submit Internal Assessments and IB coursework. This will allow for all students to earn their IB scores. There will be no indication on the certificates and transcripts of the awarding route which was used. Universities worldwide have honored the 2020 results and will honor the 2021 results as well. Thus, all IB students will be able to earn an IB score and receive college credit based upon their performance.