AHS SOL Incentive Policy

May 24, 2018

Annandale High School SOL Incentive Policy

The Standards of Learning (SOL) test at the end of the academic school year is a culminating exam and is meant to test students on the knowledge they have learned throughout the year in their respective SOL classes.

As an incentive to pass the SOL, students sitting in non-honors classes can earn a passing score as their final exam grade according to the layout below.  Only a passing score may be counted toward a student’s final exam.  Students are not to be penalized for failure to pass an SOL test.  If a student does not earn a score they believe represents their ability or if a student does not pass the SOL exam, that student will still take the final exam for that course during the final exam scheduled date and period and will earn that exam grade.  The teacher will use the higher of the two scores as the final exam grade.  Please note that SOL incentives may only occur for students who take and pass the SOL in the same examining year.  For example, only students who are currently sitting in the non-honors Biology, Chemistry, or Earth Science (Geosystems) and are scheduled to take their SOL in May 2018 may take advantage of the SOL incentive below.


For Non-Honors Classes:

SOL Score Final Exam Grade  
400-409 C
410-419 C+
420-429 B-
430-459 B
460-479 B+
480-499 A-
500-600 A

For Honors Classes:

Students sitting in an Honors level class can earn extra credit on their final exam grade reflected in the table below.

SOL Score Extra Cred Pts. On Final Exam  
500-520 2
520-540 4
540-560 6
560-580 8
580-600 10