2021-22 Annandale Family Engagement Survey Results

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) posted the results of its 2021-22 Family Engagement Survey, which includes information specific to Annandale High School.

We are proud that families at Annandale reported: 

  • 92 percent feel "welcome at my child's school."
  • 92 percent feel "this school welcomes families of different backgrounds and cultures."
  • 92 percent feel "our school recognizes and respects families' cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity."
  • 91 percent feel "information provided to me by my child's school is easy to understand."
  • 84 percent feel "comfortable with information and support from the school system when expected transitions (e.g., starting school, school to school, grade to grade, home instruction to in-school instruction, etc.) occur in my child's life."

Learn more about the survey and view the results