Student Achievement Model (SAM)

On-time Graduation and Career/Post-Secondary Education Readiness Program for Every Student

Student Achievement Model (SAM)

  • The goal of the SAM Program is on-time graduation and career / post-secondary education readiness for every student.

  • The SAM Program primarily serves high needs students - under-served, underrepresented and/or underachieving. SAM students, often referred to as SAMMIES, are “C/D/F students” whose teachers say they should be “A/B students,” if they just tried harder and had a strong support system.  SAM students, at each grade level, matriculate through high school as a unified cohort.

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Collaboration with Middle Schools

  • Feeder middle schools and the AHS SAM counselor vertically collaborate to identify SAM candidates.  Students are tentatively selected based on their previous academic performance and ability to be successful.  Identified students are invited to apply to the Program.

Learning and Support Community Based on Pyramid Response Interventions 

  • SAM is organized as a learning community based on the pyramid response intervention. Our program is also a place where students and teachers learn to work together in a positive and nurturing community while developing a team spirit among parents, students, the four core subject teachers, SAM counselor, SAM resource teacher and the administrator.

Aiming for College and Career Readiness

  • The 9th grade begins four years of preparation for college and the real world. Students in the SAM Program visit colleges, take career assessments, participate in SAT/ACT preparations, visit workplace sites and carefully select courses to prepare for successful admission into college.

Individualized Counseling and Academic Advising

  • The counselor and resource teacher work closely with each student. The student's academic, social, and behavioral needs are monitored carefully. The counselor and resource teacher serves as an important bridge between the students, teachers, and home.

SAM Students Receive Additional Support Through

  • Individualized student achievement plans

  • Continuous assessment and feedback

  • Study skills lessons

  • SAT, ACT & SOL preparation

  • Multicultural experiences

  • Personal connections with adults

  • Capacity and opportunity building

  • Extended day

  • Service learning 

SAM Program Faculty and Staff