IBMYP- Service Learning Reflection


Student ID:


Service Project:

Inquiring and Analyzing

1. What did you learn about the problem through your research? What are some of the causes of the problem, and what are people already doing to address this problem?


2. In what ways is this problem an international problem? How is this project related to problems around the world?


Developing Ideas

3. What plans did you make to prepare for your service project?


4. Did your plans change as you prepared your project? If so, describe how and why they changed.


Creating the Solution

5. What contributions did you and/or your class make to address the problem?


6. What was challenging about your project? What helped you to persevere?



7. Did your service affect you and your community in the ways you expected? Why/why not?


8. What ideas do you have for improving your service project?


9. What skills did you develop through your service? (e.g., communication, collaboration)?


10. How did the experience help you better understand ideas or subjects you have studied?


11. How will you use what you learned in this project in other situations, such as at school or in a future service project?



Please contact the MYP Coordinator, Laura Wells, at @email with questions about any of these recognitions.