IBMYP - Recognition

The greatest achievement a student can claim when they complete the IBMYP is that they are ready to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.

Students who attend Annandale High School for their entire freshmen and sophomore year have the opportunity to attain one of three types of recognition: Certificate, Record of Achievement, or Personal Project Record.

Certificate Requirements

All students in the final year of the program (10th grade) can register for an MYP certificate provided they have completed all Community Service requirements and the Personal Project and taken all six subject requirements: Math, Science, Language and Literature (the student’s native language), Language Acquisition (a second language), Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), & Physical and Health Education. Arts and Design (Career and Technical Education) courses are optional but if a student enrolls in these courses, the grade totals from those courses are included in determining eligibility for the MYP certificate.

The MYP certificate indicates an overall standard of achievement in all aspects of the MYP. The IBMYP uses a criterion-based system of assessment to indicate achievement. Students earn a grade of 1-7 in each subject area and the Personal Project. To earn the MYP certificate, students must earn a minimum grade of 3 on the Personal Project and in each subject area, as well as gain a certain grade total depending on how many subjects they have taken courses in.

  • 6 subject areas + Personal Project: Minimum Grade Total = 28 (out of a possible 49)

  • 7 subject areas + Personal Project: Minimum Grade Total = 32 (out of a possible 56)

  • 8 subject areas + Personal Project: Minimum Grade Total = 36 (out of a possible 63)

Please see the Grading and Reporting page for more information about MYP assessment.

Record of Achievement

The Record of Achievement can be attained if students do not meet the eligibility qualifications for the certificate either because they are lacking in the required courses or their grade totals are below the required minimum.  However, students must complete a Personal Project and Community Service to be considered for this recognition.

Personal Project Record

The Personal Project Record can be attained by any student who completes a Personal “Passion” Project. This project is completed during the final year of the program (10th grade) and provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate the understandings and skills they have developed throughout the program while exploring a topic of interest. All students who complete their projects will receive a Personal Project Record. For more information, please view the Personal Projects page.

Please contact the MYP Coordinator, Laura Wells, at [email protected] if you have questions about the program.