IBMYP - Certificate Requirements

Academic Achievement | Service and Action | Passion Project

Certificate Requirements for Annandale HS, Holmes MS, and Poe MS

Academic Achievement

  • Attend an IB World School for both 9th and 10th gradea graphic of ahs

  • Complete at least 2 consecutive levels of a world language (Latin, Spanish, French, or Arabic) in 9th and 10th grade

  • Successfully complete all MYP assessments given during the 10th grade which include the following 6 subjects: Math, Science, Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Language and Literature (English or Spanish for Native Speakers), Physical and Health Education, and Language Acquisition (World Language or ESOL)

  • Design/Technology and Fine/Performing Arts classes are optional and enrich the MYP experience

Faculty and Staff at AHS strive to support students as they develop strategies to overcome areas of challenge and capitalize on their strengths.

The IB Learner Profile is widely recognized as our ideal description of an Annandale graduate.

Inquirers | Knowledgeable | Thinkers | Communicators | Principled | Open-minded | Caring | Risk-takers | Balanced | Reflective

Service and Action

  • 25 hours of community service or 3 service reflections completed in 9th gradea graphic of the ib logo

  • 25 hours of community service or 3 service reflections completed in 10th grade

Passion Project

  • Completed in the 10th-grade year

  • Students have the opportunity to learn about their passions and work with faculty members to support their progress

  • Passion Project has three components: Journal, Product, and Report

  • Fair held in mid-March

Please contact the MYP Coordinator, Laura Wells, at @email with questions about any of these recognitions.